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What To Wear With Diamond Hoop Earrings

If a woman is lucky enough to receive a pair of diamond hoop earrings, she might begin to worry about what item in her wardrobe would go with such earrings. She might begin to search for the answer to this question:” What should one wear with diamond hoop earrings?

The issue of OK Magazine that came out on March 31st included some pictures of name Hollywood celebrities, celebrities who were wearing hoop earrings. Although those famous females had not worn diamond hoop earrings to the 2008 Oscars, they had worn earrings that had the same large, circular shape.

What did those women wear with their hoop earrings? Each of the three photographed women wore a different dress. Yet each dress looked great with the star’s hoop earrings.

Drew Barrymore wore a red, strapless dress. Her red dress helped her to highlight both her earrings and her bare shoulders. Those who could take their eyes off of Barrymore’s bared shoulders could look down and see her silver sandals. Like her gold bracelets, the sandals and dress matched with the hoop earrings.

Yellow Gold Round Diamond Hinged Hoops

Jane Seymour wore a dress with spaghetti straps. The dark straps held up a dress with the same pattern that one finds on leopard skin. Jane wore black, toeless shoes. She wore a silver locket on a silver chain. Diamond hoop earrings would have really set-off Jane’s outfit. Jane’s simple gold, hoop earrings failed to do what diamond earrings might have done.

Like Jane Seymour, Halle Barry wore a dress with a thin strap. Like the strap on Jane’s dress, the strap on Halle’s dress was black. Unlike the strap on Jane’s dress, the strap on Halle’s dress encircled her neck. Halle’s dress looked great with her simple hoop earrings. Truth be told, her outfit might have seemed “too much,” had she worn diamond hoop earrings.

Halle wore a dress with thick threads in the bodice. Those thick threads stretched over each of Halle’s breasts. Under the black bodice, Halle seemed to shimmer. Her dress was covered with overlapping silver ovals. Each oval contained a black “eye.”

Halle wore black, open-toed shoes. She wisely refrained from wearing any jewelry, other than the hoop earrings. Well-aware of the eye-catching features in her dress, Halle realized that she did not want any piece of jewelry to compete with her dress for stares from members of the public.

White Gold Diamond Half Design Huggies Hoops

The magazine that has pictures of those three actresses also has photos of several other actresses. Some of them appear to be in need of earrings with diamond hoops. Some of them walked down the red carpet in an outfit that lacked the expected amount of “bling.” Maybe next year, on the night of the Oscars, one of those same actresses will wear a pair of hoop earrings.

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